We made some changes that will help your producers sell more — whether they’re selling fully underwritten, GSI or GME income protection policies (or in California!).
The Producer Renewal Bonus rewards your top producers for selling The Standard. Help them boost their renewal commissions — encourage them to reach the bonus levels by the end of the year.
The first of the three-year Benefit Increase Rider option dates will be here soon! To help you prepare for upcoming BIRs, we’ve optimized the Increase Option Reports.
How do you choose which residual rider to recommend? Let’s take a look at three features the Enhanced Residual Disability Rider offers beyond the Basic Residual Disability Rider.
In this for-agencies-only video, Jill Frohardt, The Standard’s 2nd VP of IDI Sales, talks about the key difference between Own Occupation and Regular Occupation.
Our multi-life discounts — Employer-Based and Residency — can help bring in multiple applications from a single source. And the Business Owner Discount, combined with the Multi-Product Discount and the Employer-Based Multi-Life Discount, can add up to big savings for your clients. Here’s a quick reminder about the four Platinum Advantage discounts.
The Benefit Increase Rider gives your clients an opportunity to increase their coverage with no medical underwriting. We’re raising awareness and preparing clients for their BIR Option Dates by sending regular BIR communications.