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When your employees reach out to your benefits provider for help, they deserve a positive customer experience.

No matter the challenge, if your employees don’t have a good experience when they contact their benefits provider for help, you’ll hear about it.

And that means you’ll probably have to help them find a solution. We call this “noise.” And noise leaves you less time to focus on your important strategic initiatives.

Hands-On Customer Service

Whatever the employer needs, it seems that the team at The Standard are able to provide that. I don’t know other companies that are doing the same thing, that really have that hands-on customer service approach that The Standard offers. It’s greatly appreciated.
HR Decision Maker
5,000+ Employees, Government

A positive customer experience for your employees equals a positive customer experience for you.

As HR teams shrink and workloads expand, the benefits provider you work with matters more and more. What happens if a carrier doesn’t resolve issues in a proactive, timely way?

You could see a heavier administrative workload.

Maybe it takes the form of greater fiduciary responsibility with retirement plans. Or you might have to sort out problems with your employees’ insurance claims. Besides taking time away from business needs, these headaches can also lead to higher costs.

You might face higher medical and disability costs.

When employees don’t get the coordinated help they need to recover, they may be disabled longer. They can even develop related health problems. Both factors may drive up premiums.

Your employees might be out on leave longer.

Longer leaves increase the time and money you spend hiring temporary replacements. They also reduce workplace productivity.

Your employees could hit obstacles in saving for retirement.

Difficulty signing up, changing allocations or understanding plan options can hinder saving. And anything that slows down saving can hurt the retirement readiness of your workforce.

Done in a Timely Manner

They make sure things are done in a timely manner. Sometimes it probably costs them going a little out of their normal box, but they do it because we’re a demanding company.
HR Decision Maker
1,000-2,500 Employees, Public Sector

Working with a strong benefits provider will make things easier.

But the partnership should have a broader impact than just freeing up your time. Especially when a claim-triggering event happens to one of your employees. Or stress about retirement makes their future hard to imagine.

Our people and the service they provide are key factors in creating a better experience for you and your employees.

Compassionate Support

The support we bring helps employees and their families move forward after an accident, a disability, an illness or the loss of a loved one.

Focus on productivity, not just compliance, with our holistic approach to absence management. We work with employees before, during and after a leave or disability — and help them stay at work or return sooner.

Helpful Resources and Education

Our friendly tools can help employees learn about their benefits and make confident decisions.

Your employees can make smarter choices about their benefits with our Decision Support Tool options: our Voluntary DST and our Persona-Based DST.

Ready EnrollTM is an online enrollment system that’s flexible, easy to use and secure. Use it to streamline enrollment and help reduce time spent on administration.

Learn How We Support Retirement Planning

A retirement plan that offers good options is a great start. But employees need a provider to help them understand their choices and learn ways to save.

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