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Enhanced Choice Index Plus

The ECI Plus, our newest fixed index annuity, is designed to provide benefits for today and tomorrow. See how our optional Legacy Max enhanced death benefit rider can help clients maximize their financial legacy.

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Partnerships should be easy. Use our Annuity Portal to access sold and pending policies book of business reports, statements and tax documents all in one place.

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Handy. Helpful. Easy to use. Our Annuity Marketing Toolkits are all three. We’ve put sales ideas and other important resources in one place, so you can quickly find and share them.

Guide to Annuities

Help your clients understand all the features of an annuity with this simple guide.

Annuity Buzz

Your monthly source for Annuity news.
As the world becomes more interconnected, so does the need for coverage. Find out how you can offer annuities to foreign nationals working for a company in the United States.
Many clients count on receiving their annuity payments on specific dates so they can pay bills and meet day-to-day living costs. Electronic Funds Transfer is the best way to ensure payments on time, every time.
Please review this recent compliance alert: New Hampshire INS 305, Suitability of Individual Annuity Sales Recommendations.
We'll lock an interest crediting rate on fixed annuities, cap rate or participation rate only on fixed index annuities for 45 calendar days from the day we receive the original application. We don’t provide a rate lock for fixed interest crediting rates on index annuities or minimum guaranteed rates.
We’re always looking to improve the customer experience. Thanks to your feedback, we’re rolling out new options for annual interest payments. See how these new features work.
Your clients with CDs are receiving their 1099 forms soon. So, it’s an ideal time of year to talk about the tax advantages of fixed annuities. Share our flyer to show clients what they’d have to earn in a taxable investment to match the earnings of a fixed annuity.
Have two members in the same household submitting applications at the same time? They may qualify to be combined for a high-band rate. Find out how it works!
We mailed IRS Form 1099-R in February to clients who took a distribution last year. You can view and download 2023 and prior year tax forms on the Annuity Portal.

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