Submitting applications with The Standard is about to get super easy. Fill-and-sign features and built-in checks for required fields will help you and your producers complete the application quickly. Keep an eye out for eApp, coming next quarter.
Due to scheduled maintenance, The Standard’s Illustration Software will be unavailable March 23-24. Be sure to download the most recent update of the console software if you'll need to create illustrations that weekend.
Nearly 70 percent of adult Americans use Facebook, according to the Pew Research Center. With nearly everyone on social media, you can’t afford not to be. This article talks about The Standard’s social media presence, content we’re creating for your producers to use, and tips for you to start or enhance your own social media practice.
Residents and fellows like Platinum Advantage’s strong income protection features because they guard against income loss due to disability over their careers. But residents will really love the ability to buy a base policy as low as $1,000 in monthly benefits and increase coverage later when they’re earning more.

We’ve sent all active producers appointed in New York a contract addendum to comply with a new New York Cybersecurity Regulation. All producers licensed in New York must be in compliance by March 1, 2019. There are some limited exemptions for compliance provided under the law.

It’s never too early to plan for year-end deadlines. We’ll make every effort to place your business in force before the year-end commission cut-off date of Dec. 27, 2018. Read end-of-year reminders regarding policy effective dates, delivery requirements and commission dates.
Your top producers are championing The Standard and we want to reward them with the Platinum Advantage Producer Renewal Bonus program. Our tools can help you identify producers nearing bonus sales thresholds, explain how they can earn more and motivate them to boost sales.