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Are Your Benefits Effective Across Employee Populations?

You might be surprised by what employees facing a disabling illness or injury think about their benefits. This research provides a look into how they feel, what’s hard and what would help.

Leave, Disability and Employee Expectations

Employees want more from employers, but are companies meeting expectations? See the increasingly important role leave and disability programs have played over the past few years.

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The City and County of Denver has over 14,000 employees across 40 different departments and agencies ranging from fire and police, community planning and development, transportation and infrastructure, plus many more. Due to the multitude of services provided — and the variety of skillsets required to staff these services — the employee mix of this regional government entity is incredibly diverse.
Terracon is an employee-owned engineering consulting firm that saw a high rate of short-term disability claims across its locations. The firm needed a robust disability program that matched its commitment to employee well-being. So The Standard helped them create a program that reduced disability leaves while supporting their culture of employee safety.
Phoebe Putney Health System partnered with The Standard to move away from traditional employer-provided insurance to a program of unified benefits that actually drove wellness. Once the products were in place, they needed an enrollment experience that did more than tell their diverse employee population to sign up.
Phoebe Putney Health System faced the same problems with its 3,500+ workforce as other employers. The costs of benefits kept rising. Many employees had multiple health conditions. The HR team wanted to do more than just address health problems once they arose. They wanted to focus further upstream where they could encourage healthier behaviors and cost-conscious decisions


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