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Create the Right Benefits Package for Your Team

Stop searching for the perfect benefits package and create it — with our help.

Access Your Employer Account

Manage your employee benefits and plans.

Deliver Benefits for a Happier, Healthier Team

Create a comprehensive package to fit your company’s unique needs.
  • Retirement

    Combine strong plans with tools and education that help employees plan for retirement.

  • Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment

    Provide compassionate support and financial relief after a death or life-changing accident.

  • Short Term Disability

    Treat the whole person with our customized solutions that help employees get back to work.

  • Long Term Disability

    Offer your employees personalized, proactive support to help them return to work safely.

  • Individual Disability Insurance

    Help high-earning individuals protect their income on a guaranteed standard issue basis in case their earnings are affected by an injury or sickness.

  • Dental

    Help employees protect their overall health with professional, preventative care for their teeth and gums.

  • Accident Insurance

    Help employees prepare for the unexpected expenses that can come with an accident. This insurance pays an extra 25% of total benefits for injuries during youth organized sports.

  • Vision

    Give your employees nationwide access to expert eye care.

  • Critical Illness Insurance*

    Help employees prepare for the unexpected expenses that can come with a serious illness. This insurance provides a lump sum to employees to pay for whatever they need during treatment or recovery.

  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance

    Help employees prepare for the unexpected expenses that can come with a hospital stay. This insurance covers hospitalization due to childbirth, injury or illness.

Bring In Workplace Solutions

Learn ways we can provide support when your employees need it most.

Change the way you manage employee leaves and how they affect your business with more support for you and your employees.

Offer your employees a range of options they can purchase themselves at more affordable group rates.

Help Your Employees Plan for Retirement

Find solutions, tools and education that help prepare your employees to thrive in retirement.

Your Employees’ Experience Matters

Give your employees hands-on customer service and compassionate support you can trust. See how a partner like us can improve the benefits experience for you and your employees.

Get Insights and Research

Keep up with industry and benefits trends through reports, case studies, podcasts and more.
Gen Zers want solid benefits and a partner in their efforts to gain economic stability. Explore gaps between Gen Z’s priorities and HR leaders’ perceptions and see how to build this age group’s loyalty.
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Many states are passing regulations to provide paid family and medical leave. Are you aware of the latest rules in your state? Keep track with this interactive map.
Employers often have no clear way to identify employees with mental health and substance use issues. They can’t control what happens. But they can be aware and educated to respond in a supportive and effective way.
In this study, The Standard uncovered some valuable insights regarding employees’ financial concerns. To help employees keep their wellness eco-system on track, take a look at the insights or download the full report.
Take The Standard's quiz to see where you rank among other U.S. employers when it comes to absence and disability preparation. Then read six insights from our full report on links and gaps between absence and disability practices and confidence.

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