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Meeting Your Needs Is Our No. 1 Goal

Offer employee benefits that work for your team. Contact us and let us know how we can help you balance your business and employee needs.

Access Your Employer Portal

Manage your employee benefits plan.

How Do We Do It?

From Day 1, you’re connected to our deep expertise, personalized support and comprehensive solutions. Rely on our proactive approach and long-term partnerships to help you create a more productive, efficient workplace.

Tools to Simplify Your To-Do List

Your time is valuable. Explore tools we built with that in mind.

Persona-Based Decision Support

Get data you can use based on your employee purchasing and communication preferences. Our Persona-Based Decision Support Tool can help you deliver a more personalized experience during open enrollment for Accident insurance, Critical Illness insurance and Hospital Indemnity insurance.*

Online Benefits Enrollment

Ready EnrollTM is an online system that streamlines the benefits enrollment process for your employees. It helps reduce the time you spend on administration, so you can focus on other priorities.

Employer Portal

Designed to save you time, our plan administration tools provide a secure way to manage your plan.

Solutions to Meet Your Goals

Benefits and beyond — check out more reasons to work with us. 

Workplace Possibilities Program

Learn about our Workplace PossibilitiesSM program, a proactive, whole-person approach to disability support. We provide customized solutions to help employees stay productive.

Absence Management Services

Focus on productivity and compliance with our holistic approach to absence management. We work with employees to help them stay at work or return sooner.

Agility for Small Businesses

Offer big business benefits to your small business team with Agility. You manage your plans and pay premiums online, so offering benefits that your employees value is easy and hassle-free.

Voluntary Insurance

Offer benefits that give your employees a range of options at more affordable Group rates. They can choose benefits that work best for them and their families.

Research and Insights

We’ve been in the business of benefits for a long time. We have the information and data you need. Explore reports, case studies, podcasts and more. And talk to our team — we’re here to help.
Gen Zers want solid benefits and a partner in their efforts to gain economic stability. Explore gaps between Gen Z’s priorities and HR leaders’ perceptions and see how to build this age group’s loyalty.
Paid Family and Medical Leave and Paid Family Leave laws are coming into effect across the country. Employers have questions and need answers. We conducted research to better understand the PFML landscape and put these resources together to help you navigate this evolving issue.
Many states are passing regulations to provide paid family and medical leave. Are you aware of the latest rules in your state? Keep track with this interactive map.
Employers often have no clear way to identify employees with mental health and substance use issues. They can’t control what happens. But they can be aware and educated to respond in a supportive and effective way.
In this study, The Standard uncovered some valuable insights regarding employees’ financial concerns. To help employees keep their wellness eco-system on track, take a look at the insights or download the full report.
Take The Standard's quiz to see where you rank among other U.S. employers when it comes to absence and disability preparation. Then read six insights from our full report on links and gaps between absence and disability practices and confidence.

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Track the latest in paid family leave news.

Benefits Impact

Address ways to help support employees and meet their needs.

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