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Updated Forms Available Online and in eApp

We’ve recently made some required changes to several forms in the Authorizations and Disclosures, Application for Policy Increase and Benefit Renewal, and Application for Reinstatement or Policy Change packets for all states. For California, we’ve also made required changes to applications for New Business, Increase Options, and Policy Change and Reinstatement documents.

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Any of these packets or documents downloaded and saved before today’s bulletin should be deleted as they are obsolete.

As of today, all documents and packets are up-to-date in our Application and Forms directory and in eApp.

For documents previously downloaded, in process or completed, please ensure you submit so The Standard receives them before Tuesday, Feb. 28. By using eApp, no additional actions are needed. You’ll only have access to up-to-date forms.

If any outdated forms are received after Feb. 28, we’ll be unable to accept them. This means that you and your clients would need to sign and submit new forms.

For more details about this change, please contact your Regional Manager or Regional Director.

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