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Standard Insurance Company provides Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA) administration, Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage to eligible employees of Schwan's Shared Services, LLC and affiliated companies of The Schwan Food Company. Within this site you will find information pertaining to coverage options, value added services provided under the different coverage options and details on how to submit a claim.


Disability insurance helps you meet your financial commitments if you are unable to work in the event of a covered illness or injury.

Family and Medical Leave

The Family and Medical Lave Act (FMLA) offers important protections when attending to your own or a qualified family member's serious health conditions.

NOTE: All programs and plans discussed on this informational site are available to all eligible employees of The Schwan Food Company subsidiaries. For questions, contact Schwan's Shared Services, LLC Benefits Department.