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Long Term Disability

Standard Insurance Company's Disability insurance provides your company's employees with income protection against disabilities resulting from a covered physical disease, injury, pregnancy or mental disorder. This disability income plan includes Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits. These benefits are offered only as a total package in order to provide you with continuous coverage in the event of a covered disability. For additional information about your coverage please refer to the STD Plan Document or LTD certificate.

New Claims

If you would like to file a disability claim, please contact The Standard at 866.829.8860 or you may go to http://www.standard.com and choose "Report an Absence" from the bottom right area of the home page. You will be asked to provide the following information in addition to other questions about your request for leave:

Employer: Schwan's
Group Policy number: 644030
Your Name and Employee ID number
Last day at work
Nature of claim
Physician information (including name, address, phone number and fax number)

When submitting your application online you will need to log on with your company Employee ID number, the company name Schwans and the word password as your initial password. You will then be prompted to choose a personal password so you can initiate the FMLA and/or STD claims process through The Standard.

Existing Claims

If you have an existing disability claim and have been requested to provide additional medical information or an updated authorization form, an Attending Physician Statement and the Authorization to Obtain Information form has been provided below to assist you in providing this information. When completing the requested form, please be sure to include your name and claim number on these forms to ensure they route correctly.


Workers' Compensation

If you have questions about filing a Workers' Compensation claim or about your existing claim, please contact your Workers' Compensation team at 800.421.9234.

Note: If you are an employee working in New York, you will also have the opportunity to apply for benefits available to you through the Disability Benefits Law (DBL) by call The Standard at 866.829.8860.

NOTE: All programs and plans discussed on this informational site are available to all eligible employees of The Schwan Food Company subsidiaries. For questions, contact Schwan's Shared Services, LLC Benefits Department.