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Planning for the Unexpected

If you depend on your regular paycheck to pay your bills, what would happen if you became sick and unable to work for 90 days or longer? Are you prepared for the unexpected? LTD insurance from The Standard may help you prepare for the unexpected.

To help determine your need for disability income protection, complete the worksheet below.

Monthly Expenses

 (electricity, gas, cable, phone, etc.)
 (credit cards, student and auto loans, etc.)
 (health, life, auto, home, etc.)
 Total monthly expenses

Monthly Income

 Take home pay
 Spouse income
 Other income1
 Total monthly income

Calculated Results

LTD Insurance Needs Analysis
Total Monthly Expenses
Total Monthly Income in the event
of your disability
LTD Insurance Needed

The results of the Needs Estimator is dependent upon information provided by you. Syracuse University is not responsible for the accuracy of the results produced by the Needs Estimator based upon the information you provide.

You've calculated how much coverage you may need. To see how much it will cost to purchase Long Term Disability insurance, use the Premium Calculator.