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Welcome to The Standard

You can count on us to help you on your retirement journey, whether you plan to retire this year or decades from now. We have been helping people work toward their retirement dreams for more than 90 years. We’re excited to introduce your new retirement plan account experience.

Retirement Plan Account Transition

Your account has moved or will soon move to The Standard. This change is simple for you. The only thing you should do is register to access your account online after it has moved.

We appreciate your effort to get to know us and we're eager to help you with your retirement goals at The Standard.

Register Your Account

Please register at The Standard after your account transition is complete.

If you try to register before your account moves, you won’t be able to complete the registration process.

Important Things to Know
  • You can find your account move date in the email or letter we sent to you about the move or ask your employer or retirement plan administrator.
  • You can access your account and make transactions through the Securian website until the Friday afternoon before the move to The Standard.
  • You will be able to access your account again and make transactions through The Standard website starting on Monday morning after your account moves.
  • Registering your account helps keep it safe from fraud attempts. Use your preferred email address so you receive account communications where you want them.


  • Select Create an Account.
  • Select My Retirement Plan and then Create an Account.
  • Follow the prompts to finish registering.
Need Help With Registration?

You’ll be happy to know your online retirement account experience remains simple. The site will look fresh to you and offers many tools for you to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you’ll find answers to common questions you may have about your account and The Standard.

Account Access, Security and Preferences

How do I access my account at The Standard?
You will only be able to access your account at The Standard after it has moved. To access your account:

  • Register your online account at Be sure to create a unique username and strong password.
  • Call us at 800.858.5420 to use our automated phone system or speak with a representative.

How can I keep my retirement plan account secure?
Keep your account more secure by registering it, using a unique username and strong password and checking your account each month. Fraud is not common, but the more you check your account the sooner you will notice suspicious or unexpected changes.

The Standard takes your account security seriously. Like many online services, your account with us requires two-step account verification. That means when you register your account or log in from a new device you must provide two layers of information to help us verify who you are.

Is there a mobile app for my account at The Standard?
Yes. You can download the Personal Savings Center mobile app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. Search for “The Standard – My Account” to easily find our app. You can use it to manage your account when you are on the go. Some functions are only available on the full website.

Do I need to provide information for my account beneficiary?  
No. You do not need to provide account beneficiary information because of this transition. However, it’s a good idea to review and update your account beneficiary as your life changes.

Contributions and Investments

Is my contribution rate staying the same?
Yes. Your contribution rate stays the same when your account moves to The Standard. If you use Step-Up Savings or your savings rate automatically increases each year, that will continue to happen as scheduled.

Are my investment options staying the same?
Yes. The investment options available in your retirement plan, including pre-mixed portfolios, stay the same when your account moves to The Standard. Your personal investment elections stay the same, too.

How does auto-rebalancing work at The Standard?
The Standard offers an auto-rebalancing feature for your account if you invest in a pre-mixed portfolio like a Target Age® Portfolio, Target Risk Portfolio™ or a custom mix of investments. If you use auto-rebalance or it’s included in your pre-mixed portfolio, your selection moves with your account to The Standard. You can review your automatic rebalancer setting on the Personal Savings Center. Go to the My Account tab, then choose Account Settings to review your setting.

Please note, automatic rebalance timing changes with your account move. At The Standard:

  • Annual rebalances happen in November
  • Semiannual rebalances happen in May and November
  • Quarterly rebalances happen in February, May, August and November

Is investment performance reported the same?   
No. Investment performance on the Personal Savings Center shows performance before any fees are deducted or any credits are applied.

Recent Account Activity

I requested a loan/withdrawal before moving to The Standard. Did my request go through?
Loan and withdrawal requests that started before your account transfers will continue to process. You do not need to request a loan or withdrawal again. You can confirm pending or completed transactions on your Personal Savings Center account in the Account Activity tab.

I made an investment transfer on Friday before the move to The Standard. Will I see it on Monday at The Standard?
Yes. You can confirm pending or completed transactions on the Personal Savings Center. Log in to your account and go to Account Activity. You can filter by Activity Category to find recent transactions.

My balance is smaller after my account moved. Did my account lose money when it transferred to The Standard?
Your account did not lose money as a result of the move. Your account balance and investment choices moved directly to The Standard’s systems. Your money stayed invested in the market during the transition. However, your account balance could have changed due to regular market ups and downs before or after the move.


¡Bienvenido a The Standard!

Usted puede contar con nosotros para ayudarle en su camino hacia la jubilación, ya sea que planifique jubilarse este año o dentro de varias décadas. Durante más de 90 años, hemos ayudado a personas a trabajar para alcanzar sus sueños de jubilación. Nos emociona presentarle la experiencia de su nueva cuenta del plan de jubilación. 

Su cuenta se ha trasladado o pronto se trasladará a The Standard. Este cambio es sencillo para usted. Lo único que debe hacer es registrarse para acceder a su cuenta en línea después de que haya sido trasladada. 

En The Standard, nos entusiasma ayudarle con sus objetivos de jubilación y agradecemos su esfuerzo por aprender sobre nosotros.

Have Questions?

Help is a phone call away.

Your account already moved: 800.858.5420

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