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Supporting you as you work with clients is our most important job. Let’s work together to help your clients achieve better retirement outcomes.



Positioning You for Client Success

When it comes to retirement plans:

  1. We act as a fiduciary only if you need us to
  2. We pass all revenue sharing back to participants
  3. We offer only level compensation and full fund neutrality
  4. We have a completely open architecture platform
  5. We offer total transparency in our pricing
  6. We don’t compete with you
  7. We do not sell direct; we only work through advisor partners

Easing Workloads, Reducing Risk

Introduce your clients to our range of industry-leading services and make their lives easier. Select from fiduciary, recordkeeping, data and support services — or all of the above.

Flexible service model
Flexible Service Model
Choose Only the Services You Need

Flexibility gives you the freedom to select only the services that your clients truly want. You decide when you want to take the lead and when you’d like us to step in.   

Fiduciary protection
Increase Fiduciary Protection
Assign Responsibility to The Standard

We can increase fiduciary protection for your clients by taking care of certain legally required administrative tasks. Your clients can delegate responsibilities to The Standard so they can focus on other business concerns while saving time and expense. 

  • Delivery of participant notices, statements and disclosures
  • Compliance testing
  • Eligibility monitoring and notifications
  • Review and management of loans, hardship distributions, withdrawals and QDROs

Our record of fiduciary integrity is one of the top reasons plan sponsors and their advisors say they choose The Standard. When we say we take responsibility, we put it in writing. The Standard puts a hold harmless clause in its service agreements.

Investment Options and Services
Pick the Platform and Investments

We offer both open architecture and group annuity platforms as plan investment options. With either platform, you pick the funds. In addition, The Standard passes back 100 percent of all mutual fund revenue sharing to plan participants, ensuring complete objectivity whenever funds are selected.

Services Your Clients Will Appreciate

Preparing employees for retirement

Retirement Readiness

Enrollment campaigns that fit your clients.

Simplified administration

Simplified Administration

Choose the level of service that your clients need.

Online services

User-Friendly Tools

Easy ways to track and manage plans.

Quotation mark

For service they are off the hook — super responsive. They come to meetings, my team doesn't have to lift a hand, I’ve never had participants or employees complain about them.

Retirement Plan Advisor, California

The Standard’s research shows that only 33 percent of employees are confident about their level of retirement readiness. Adding automatic features to your retirement plan can help improve retirement outcomes.

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