What Is The Cost Of Waiting?

Even in a low interest-rate environment, an annuity’s compounded growth and tax-deferral can grow your savings faster than you may think. 

If you are waiting for interest rates to go up before buying an annuity, you may be missing out!

If you put your $50,000 into a five-year guaranteed annuity paying 2 percent, you would be guaranteed $55,204 at the end of five years, less any withdrawals you may have taken.

That’s tax-deferred, compounded growth, a minimum guaranteed return and flexible access to your money along the way! Few taxable investments can compete with this blend of safety, growth and flexibility.

Here’s Another Way To Look At It

The Cost Of Waiting (If Rate is 2% Today)

If you wait one year:

If you wait two years:



If you waited just one year before buying the annuity, your $50,000 would have to earn 2.51 percent annually for four years to catch up with the annuity’s earnings of $55,204.

If you waited two years before buying the annuity, your $50,000 would have to earn 3.36 percent annually for three years to achieve the same $55,204 you would have been guaranteed had you owned the annuity all along.

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