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A Benefit for Employees of Advantage 2000 Consultants

Use this interactive tool to learn more about your retirement plan and how much you might need to save.

Have you thought about life after work? We all have dreams, but some people don't plan beyond the here and now. Others don't leave the future to chance; their dreams are fueled with intention and purpose. And when they've reached their goals, it's a thrill, but it's no surprise.

Retirement plans offer many perks not found in other types of savings or investment accounts. One of these is the ability to defer taxes on the money you save. And with your plan, you decide how to invest your savings. You don't have to be a market expert to invest for retirement, but it helps to know a few basics, even if you are already enrolled.

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  • How your plan works
  • How much you might need to save
  • How to enroll and access your account