Meet Mini-Portlandia, the "Little Sister" of the Iconic Portlandia Statue

Exhibit Gets New Home at The Standard During Renovation of Portland Building

PORTLAND, OREGONNov. 7, 2017 — The Portland Building, which opened in 1982, is about to undergo a top-to-bottom renovation. The work is expected to last about three years and during that time, the iconic Portlandia statue will be shrouded in protective wrap.

While Portlandia is well known to locals and tour groups, lesser known is that the Portland Building also housed an original, smaller Portlandia statue, the three-foot scale model created first by artist Raymond Kaskey. Kaskey created the original prior to embarking on what would become the second-largest copper repoussé (which means the exterior was shaped by hammering from the reverse side) statue in the United States, after the Statue of Liberty.

The mini-Portlandia sculpture now sits in a fitting spot, right across SW Fifth Avenue at The Standard, where she will have line of sight on her big sister during the renovations. Until the day big Portlandia is covered in her construction-proof cloak, the public has a unique opportunity to view both statues from the same spot on SW Fifth Avenue.

Mini-Portlandia is stationed in the second-floor viewing window of Standard Plaza, the home office for Standard Insurance Company. Various Portlandia-related exhibits are accompanying the sculpture there as well.

The art exhibition at Standard Plaza came as a result of a partnership between the Regional Arts & Culture Council and The Standard. In addition to the Portlandia-related items, RACC has overseen the removal of all other public art in the Portland Building, which is being stored at The Standard for safekeeping until the Portland Building reopens.

“The Standard was the ideal location to store this public art given its proximity to the Portland Building and their ability to display mini-Portlandia in a spot visible to the public,” said Keith Lachowicz, public art collections manager at RACC. “And we're glad mini-Portlandia will be able to keep an eye on her big sister during the renovations.”

The full-size statue of Portlandia by Kaskey is based on the design of the Portland city seal. Sections of Portlandia were built in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C., sent to Portland by train and assembled at a barge-building facility. It was installed Oct. 6, 1985, after being floated up the Willamette River on a barge. The statue is 34 feet 10 inches high and weighs about six- and-a-half tons. If Portlandia stood to her true height, she would be about 50 feet tall.

If you work, shop or play in downtown Portland, please stop by the SW Fifth Avenue side of Standard Plaza to view mini-Portlandia. The full display, which also includes the full-scale mold Kaskey used to assist with the detailed fabrication of Portlandia's, face is accessible in the L2 lobby of Standard Plaza, 1100 SW Sixth Avenue.

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