Financial Services

Investment Platforms

We offer a choice of platforms for your plan's investment options:

  • Open architecture
  • Group annuity

Both platforms offer non-proprietary mutual funds and full fee transparency. All revenue sharing, marketing or service fees received from mutual fund companies are passed back to the plan to offset our fees. With either platform, you pick the funds for the plan.

Plan Accounting

While much of the accounting is focused on serving participants, we also track plan-level transactions, cash flows and expenses — valuable information for annual reporting and compliance tests.


The PlanNet® online plan administration service gives you and your clients convenient access to the plan’s financial information. In addition, PlanNet provides access to:

  • Investment performance data 
  • Employee account information
  • Participant reports
  • Compliance Data Review, a tool that helps you prepare for annual compliance testing

Data Collection

Our approach to collecting data is fundamentally different. We capture data on all employees during the plan setup — even those not yet eligible to participate. This approach significantly reduces your client's administration burden.

Participant Data Management

The Participant Data Management online tool makes it easy to upload payroll and contribution data directly to our administration system. With more than 80 validations, the service also helps ensure the accuracy of the data.