Fiduciary Support


Partner With an Experienced Leader in Fiduciary Services

Our record of fiduciary integrity and accountability is one of the top reasons plan sponsors and their advisors say they choose The Standard. A flexible service model allows us to partner with retirement plan advisors and TPAs in ways that complement their business models while meeting their clients’ needs. 

The Standard has always acted, and will continue to act, in your clients' best interests:

We have no proprietary fund requirements.

We return all revenue sharing from fund companies.

We offer only conflict-free level-fee compensation

As your trusted expert, we're also here to help you stay current on fiduciary news and regulations. View Regulatory Insights to learn more.

Optional Services that Complement Your Business

When it makes sense for your business model, our flexible services can allow your clients to delegate certain fiduciary responsibilities to The Standard. View Resources to learn more.

We Put Our Accountability in Writing

When we say we take responsibility, we mean it. The Standard puts an indemnification and hold harmless clause in its service agreements.

Take the Next Step

Start a conversation with your clients today using the resources on this site, or contact us at 844.239.3561 to learn more about our fiduciary services.

Regulatory Insights

Both you and your clients may have questions about changes happening in the industry, including the rules that govern the definition of a fiduciary.

Get analysis from our legal experts as well as answers to common questions.

401(k) and 403(b) Plan Sponsors and Their Fiduciary Duties for Revenue Sharing
This white paper helps fiduciaries answer the following questions:

  • What is revenue sharing?
  • Who receives that revenue sharing and what do they do for it?
  • Are my employees being treated fairly and legally?



Delegated Fiduciary Services

Learn more about how our optional administrative, investment advisory and investment management solutions can help your clients meet their fiduciary obligations. 

Fiduciary Education for Plan Sponsors

Help keep your clients informed about the need for fiduciary awareness and the steps they can take to protect themselves from potential investigations and penalties.


Additional materials are also available upon request. Please call your retirement plan consultant at 844.239.3561 to learn more.


Each short module in this webinar series finishes with a certificate of completion. A link to the first webinar is included below. For links to the full series, please contact your retirement plan consultant at 844.239.3561

  • Fiduciaries by the Numbers
  • Mitigating ERISA Fiduciary Liability 
  • Fiduciary Prohibited Transactions 
  • How Fiduciaries Get into Trouble
  • What Does it Mean to Be a Fiduciary