Participant Services

Helping Employees Achieve Their Retirement
Income Goals

While education efforts by employers and the retirement plan industry have made participants more aware of the need for “retirement readiness,” they still need advice and support services if they are to retire with adequate retirement income.

We not only provide support as plans transition from their former providers, we deliver effective, ongoing communication and education to help ensure long-term satisfaction for both employers and participants.

For employers, participant services can help to:

  • Ensure that employees appreciate the benefit provided by the employer
  • Confirm the plan supports the employer's human resources goals
  • Reduce the employer's workload

For employees, participant services can help to:

  • Ensure participants take advantage of their plan and get maximum benefit from their participation
  • Make it easy to transact plan business and access information about the plan and their savings
  • Provide access to an outside resource that offers expertise, guidance and answers to their questions