Group Accident

Protect Employees From Accident-Related Costs

Accidents can do a lot more than cause injuries. The resulting expenses can be a serious blow to your employees' finances. Add Accident insurance from The Standard to your benefits package to help employees weather unexpected expenses after an accident. Watch the video to see how employees learn about coverage that can help cover costs associated with injuries that aren't fully paid for by medical insurance.

Here's How It Works

An employee has an accident and seeks medical treatment.

  • The policy pays a benefit following treatment for a wide range of accidents — from minor to catastrophic.

The Standard pays a lump sum based on the treatment received.

  • If an accident causes multiple injuries, The Standard pays a benefit for each one.
  • Follow-up visits, chiropractic care and diagnostic tests are included, as are more than 100 other benefits.

Because employees are paid directly, there are no restrictions on how the payout can be spent.

  • It can help pay for whatever the employees or their families need — hospital confinements, rehabilitation, child care, utilities, groceries, etc.

Employees can take their coverage with them, even if they leave the company.

For more information about Accident insurance, contact your insurance advisor or the Employee Benefits Sales and Service Office for your area at 800.633.8575.


Identify the Plan Design Best-suited for Employees

  • Choose from three tiers of benefits — Select, Enhanced and Premier — each with increasing payout amounts.

  • Elect either off-the-job or 24-hour coverage, which provides protection no matter when an accident occurs.

Keep Key Policy Benefits in Mind

  • Youth Organized Sports: If employees' children are covered under the plan and injured while participating in an organized athletic activity, such as dance class, football practice or a soccer game, they'll receive an additional 25 percent of the total benefit owed.

  • Additional Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D): If employees and covered family members experience accidental dismemberment or impairment, they'll receive a percentage of the accidental death benefit amount.

  • Line of Duty: For public safety officers who suffer a loss as the result of a line of duty accident, the policy will pay an additional benefit.

Opt for Added Features and Benefits

  • Health Screening and Maintenance: Employees and covered family members will receive $50, $75 or $100 payouts for proactively maintaining their health. This benefit provides annual payouts for covered wellness exam screenings, such as mammograms, lipid panels and colonoscopies.

  • Automobile Accident Coverage: This benefit provides an additional payment for injuries caused by automobile accidents.


Education and Enrollment

Voluntary products can help provide employees with the peace of mind that they're doing everything they can to protect themselves and their families. But the success of a voluntary benefits package hinges on the education and enrollment support behind it.

Targeted Enrollment Approach

The Standard will work with you to develop tailored enrollment strategies for your voluntary program. The goal: An effective communication campaign that helps address your corporate culture and any enrollment problems you're looking to solve.

A comprehensive enrollment campaign features materials that help employees understand and better appreciate their benefits options:

  • Customized enrollment campaign materials
  • Personalized enrollment forms and booklets
  • Online benefits education tools and materials

We can also provide:

  • Integration with benefits administration platforms
  • Online enrollment system and solutions
  • Support for on-site benefits education
    • Group meetings
    • One-on-one enrollment

Claim Intake

The Standard offers several easy-to-use methods to submit a claim. The quickest way to submit a claim or a notification of death is to log on to and follow the step-by-step interactive process.

Administrative Capabilities

Simplified administration is what you'll experience when you select The Standard as your one partner for virtually all your employee benefit needs beyond the medical plan.

It all centers on our processes and administration systems. They make it easy for you to manage your benefits, reconcile bills and add or remove members.

Billing is also simplified. With one bill you can make one payment for Life, AD&D, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity.

Plus, you'll have the convenience of online features, including:

  • Bill payment
  • Member maintenance
  • Policy documents
  • Life and Disability medical evidence and claims reports
  • Employer disability claim statement
  • Claims submission1


1 Not available for Dental and Vision insurance.