Life Insurance Needs Estimator

It can be difficult to determine the amount of life insurance you need to protect your loved ones. Each family has its own unique set of circumstances, combined with the unexpected financial demands associated with the loss of life. Use the form below to guide you in calculating the amount of group life insurance coverage you may need.

Immediate You Your Spouse
     Medical and Hospital Expenses
     Funeral/Burial Expenses
     Loans/debts  (requiring payment upon death)
     Federal/State Income Taxes
     Property Taxes
     Federal/State Estate Taxes
Long Term
     (credit cards, car and student loans, etc.)
     Educational/Vocational fund
     Childcare expenses
     Emergency fund for unforseen
Income Replacement
     Amount needed
NOTE: Consider the income and number of years needed to support your family.

Available Resources You Your Spouse
     Existing life insurance
     Other assets (401(k), stocks, etc.)        


Calculated Results
Life Insurance Needs Analysis You Your Spouse
     Total needs
     Total resources available
     Voluntary Life Insurance needed

You've calculated how much coverage your family might need. To see how much it will cost to purchase that amount of coverage use the Premium Calculator.