Life and AD&D Insurance

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Basic Life and AD&D insurance becomes effective the first day of the month following one calendar month as an eligible employee, provided you meet the active work requirement on that date. The Basic Life plan is $50,000 for the Life insurance and $50,000 of AD&D coverage.

Additional Life, AD&D, and Dependents Life insurance for you and your family

The County recognizes that individuals have different needs and has provided you the opportunity to apply for the right amount of protection for you and your family at very competitive group rates. If you are a benefits eligible employee and are insured under the Basic Group Life plan with The Standard, Additional Life and AD&D coverage amounts may be elected in any multiple of $10,000, not to exceed $500,000. If you are insured for Additional Life you may also insure your Dependents. However, you cannot be insured as both an employee and a dependent, and your child cannot be insured by more than one employee. Coverage options for Dependents Life insurance are as follows:

For your Spouse/Domestic Partner:
You may select coverage in units of $5,000, to a maximum of $250,000. The amount selected cannot exceed 50 percent of your Additional Life coverage.

For your Child(ren):

Domestic partners of employees are eligible for Dependents Life insurance. As a part of your partner's Life insurance enrollment, you are required to provide proof that you are in a domestic partner relationship. For details about required documentation, access the Hennepin County Benefits Division web page.

Children, adopted children and stepchildren living in an eligible employee’s home are considered dependents through age 18, or through age 24 if registered as students and attending an accredited educational institution on a full-time basis.

Dependents Life insurance may be continued after age 18 for a child who is disabled. Married children or dependents who are full-time members of the armed forces of any County are not eligible for coverage.

Add or cancel Dependents Life coverage. Dependents can be added when newly eligible (i.e., marriage, newborn) by completing the Enrollment and Change Form for Life Insurance. If your dependents are no longer eligible for coverage, it is your responsibility to complete the Enrollment and Change Form for Life Insurance on the Benefits' website at

Please note that under certain circumstances you and/or your spouse/domestic partner may need to provide evidence of good health in order to become insured for Additional Life or Dependent Life coverage. For information on when Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is required please review the Instructions for Submitting EOI.

After you enroll, remember to keep your beneficiary designations current to ensure that benefits are paid promptly and according to your wishes. If you need to update your beneficiary because of marriage/domestic partnership, divorce/termination of domestic partnership, adoption of a child or a birth or death in your family, complete a Beneficiary Designation. Please note, you as the employee, are the Beneficiary for any Dependents Life benefits.

Use the Needs Estimator to estimate how much Life insurance you should have. Once you know how much Life insurance you should have, find out how much it will cost by using the Premium Calculator.

For answers to commonly asked questions, costs, exclusions, limitations and reductions, please review the Additional Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Booklet and Certificate of Insurance. For more information about the Life and AD&D insurance benefits, please read the Features and Provisions.

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