Return to Work

The group LTD insurance policy includes a feature that offers you a financial incentive to return to work during a Disability. During the first 24 months from the date you first return to work (after the benefit waiting period) your LTD Benefit will be reduced by Work Earnings which, when added to your LTD Benefit, exceed 100% of your predisability income. Other Deductible Income can further reduce the LTD Benefit payable. Frequently, employees with disabilities who return to work receive more total income than those who do not.

The return to work incentive applies whether you are working for your employer or any other employer (including self-employment). You are eligible for the return to work incentive on the first day you work after the Benefit Waiting Period, if LTD Benefits are payable on that date.

After the first 24 months from the date you first return to work, one-half of your Work Earnings are considered Deductible Income.

If you must pay Child Care Expenses in order to work, The Standard will reduce the amount of the Work Earnings used in determining your Deductible Income, up to 24 months, subject to the terms of the group policy.

Reasonable Accommodation Benefit

If you are Disabled and return to work in any occupation for any employer, not including self employment, as a result of a worksite modification made by such employer, on your behalf, we will pay that employer a Reasonable Accommodation Expense Benefit equal to the expenses incurred for the worksite modification or $25,000, whichever is less. The Reasonable Accommodation Expense Benefit is payable only if approved in advance by The Standard.

Survivors Benefits

If you die while LTD Benefits are payable, a Survivors Benefit will be paid as follows:

Survivors Benefit Amount:

If you have received LTD Benefits for at least 12 months:
The greater of: (a) the amount of the last LTD Benefit paid to you will be paid to your eligible Survivor for 12 months after your death; or (b) 3 times your LTD Benefit without reduction by Deductible Income.
3 times your LTD Benefit without reduction by Deductible Income.

Right to Convert

When your employment terminates, you may buy LTD conversion insurance if on the date your employment terminates: you were insured under your Employer's LTD insurance plan for at least one year; you are not Disabled; you are a citizen or resident of the United States or Canada; and you apply in writing and pay the first premium for LTD conversion insurance within 31 days after your insurance ends.