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How In-Network Dental Providers are Selected

The Standard has teamed up with Ameritas to bring members an expansive network of well-qualified providers. By choosing a dentist in the network, you can enjoy both quality care and out-of-pocket savings.

Selection Criteria

Dentists in the Ameritas network are selected and credentialed based on established criteria reflecting professional standards for education, training and licensure. Credentials are verified upon initial application to the network and through the recredentialing process. Dentists must have and maintain the appropriate dental license, malpractice coverage, DEA certificate (if required), and specialty license, diploma, certificate or permit, as applicable.

Source of Information

Information about the dentists appearing on the Provider Search page is obtained from an application that is completed and signed by the dental care professional. This information is updated periodically through credentialing outreach efforts to the dentist, and through communications received from the dentist when changes occur.

Building the Network

  • Dentists are recruited based on the needs and location of current and future customers.
  • Internal data is used to target dentists who provide services to our members.
  • Utilization reports and disruption analyses are also used to identity and recruit dentists.


Find a Dentist

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