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Taking care of your eyes is a big part of caring for your overall health. From exams and glasses to laser vision correction, Group Vision insurance can provide the coverage you need to support your wellness.

And when you enroll through your workplace, you can get access to EyeMed® or VSP®, two of the largest nationwide networks. Ask your employer about the Group Vision plan they’ve customized for your company.

Access Dental and Vision Member Services

Visit Dental and Vision Member Services to access your benefits information, see FAQs, get login support and find additional resources.

Member Tools

See How Our Plans Support You

Network Options

Your employer can combine VSP, EyeMed or non-network options to give you a choice that fits your needs.

Top Retailers

Visit online and retail providers, such as Visionworks, Costco and LensCrafters.

Special Discounts

Get exclusive discounts for surgical corrective procedures, including LASIK and Photorefractive Keratectomy, or PRK.

Extra Lens Options

Access special pricing on lens options, such as ultraviolet coating and progressive lenses.

Find a Vision Provider Near You

Find a whole network of choices based on the Vision plan you're enrolled in. When you choose a provider in your network, you can enjoy both quality care and out-of-pocket savings. 

Video: How Vision Insurance Works

Learn how vision care can help you protect and prioritize your eye health. Watch this short video.  

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