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Individual Disability Insurance

Protect What Matters

Know that you can get help paying your bills even if you become injured or sick and can’t work. Explore individual disability income protection insurance as a way to protect what matters to you.

Pathway to Income Protection

Learn How You Can Help Protect Your Paycheck

Explore Your Options

Income Protection

Platinum Advantage

Protect your income and lifestyle by customizing coverage to meet your unique needs.

Income Protection for Employees

Platinum Advantage GSI

Your employer may offer individual disability insurance at discounted rates and with no medical underwriting.

Business Protection

Business Overhead Protection

Help keep your business going by covering your overhead expenses if you are sick or injured and can't work.

Not available in Massachusetts, New York or Wyoming.

Business Equity Protection

Provide funding to your business partners for the purchase of your ownership interest in the event you become totally disabled.

Not available in Massachusetts, New York or Wyoming.

Listen to a Personal Income Protection Story

Learn how individual disability insurance protected Doug’s income when he took medical leave for his cancer treatment.

Ready to Start Protecting Your Income?

Talk to your insurance representative about the income protection option that’s right for you.
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