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Get Text Alerts on Your Claim Status

Already filed a claim with The Standard for Short Term or Long Term Disability insurance? You can enroll to get text alerts on your claim status. We'll let you know when we receive key documents and keep you informed on our review of your claim.

To enroll, text “STATUS” to 53284.

Here's How It Works

  • You'll get a welcome message confirming you want to receive text alerts.
  • Please note, you'll only receive further claim alerts if the phone number you've registered for text alerts is the same number you gave when you filed your claim. If not, please call us to update it.
  • Frequency and number of messages will vary based on your claim. Message and data rates may apply.
  • You can text STOP to 53284 at any time to unsubscribe and stop receiving messages. Go to for our terms and conditions and to review our Privacy Notice.

Status Updates You May Receive


When you enroll for text alerts, you'll receive a welcome message.

Forms Needed or Received

You'll receive texts when we need forms — such as statements from your doctor or employer — and when we receive forms.

Claim Decision

You'll receive a text alert for an approved claim. Check your mail for a detailed explanation of our claim decision.

Claim Closure

For Short Term Disability claims, you may receive a text before your benefits end.

Review Written Communications Too

The Standard offers text messages to provide status updates, but texts don't replace written communications you'll receive by mail. Please review all written communications you receive from The Standard related to your claim. We base the information sent via text message on information at the time of the message only. A change of information could change your claim or leave.


Call our Customer Contact Center at 888.937.4783.
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