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File an Individual Disability Insurance Claim

How to File

You are unable to work because of disability and are applying for benefits through a disability insurance policy that you purchased individually, not through an employer.

The easiest way to file an individual disability income insurance claim is to call us at 800.628.9797. You may also send written notice by mail or fax. When we receive this notification, we'll mail you a claim packet. Also call us for claims under a Guaranteed Standard Issue Individual Disability Insurance policy through your employer.

About the Claim Process

Our claim packet for individual disability income insurance benefits contains the following documents.

  • An Insured's Statement is completed by you and serves as written notification of your claim for benefits.
  • An Attending Physician's Statement is completed by your doctor and tells us more about your disability.
  • An Authorization to Obtain Information is completed by you and allows us to obtain additional medical records related to your claim.

We will contact you after receiving your completed claim packet to let you know the status of your claim.


Frequently Asked Questions About Filing a Claim

When should I file a claim?

File a claim as soon as you think you may be disabled. It's better to start the claim process, even if you recover sooner than expected and don’t qualify for benefits. If you wait more than 30 days to notify us of your disability, your benefits may be delayed past the end of the waiting period while the claim investigation is completed.

Is my claim information kept confidential?

Every piece of information about you and your claim is confidential. We do not discuss your claim with anyone other than you unless you give us written authorization to do so.

How long does it normally take to make a claim decision?

Prompt claim resolution and payment is important to us. We strive to make claim decisions within 45 days after we receive written notification of your claim. If further information is needed, we will notify you immediately.

If my claim for disability benefits is approved, how long will it take to receive my first check?

After your claim has been approved and your benefit waiting period has been satisfied, you will receive your first benefit check within three to five business days following your first month of disability. Benefits are typically paid on a monthly basis.

Are my disability benefits taxable?

Your individual disability insurance benefits may be taxable. Benefits from disability coverage paid for by the insured are generally tax free, while benefits from employer-paid coverage are generally taxable. If you have questions regarding the taxability of your benefits, please consult a financial advisor.

What if I am thinking about returning to work?

When you’re considering returning to work, contact your claim specialist at The Standard. The specialist will help answer your questions and identify documentation you may need to ensure your claim is administered correctly

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