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File a Dental Insurance Claim

Network dentists will submit claims for you.

If you visit a non-network dentist who doesn't submit your claim for you, please complete a dental claim form. 

Find a Dental Claim Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Who submits my claim?

Your dentist will submit your claim for you if they're part of the network. 

If your dentist is not part of the network, you can:

Not sure if your dentist is part of the network? You can search network providers or contact us.

Where do I send my claim?

If your employer is based outside of New York:

By mail:

Group Claims 
P.O. Box 82622 
Lincoln, NE 68501-2622

By email:

If your employer is based in New York:

By mail: 

Group Claims 
P.O. Box 82520 
Lincoln, NE 68504-2520

By email:

Or, regardless of your employer's location, you may fax claims to 402.467.7336. If you have any questions on how to submit a claim, please contact us.

While it is unlikely, be aware that communication via email can be intercepted in transmission or misdirected. Please consider communicating any sensitive information by fax or mail.

Do I have to use a certain form?

You can send us any dental claim form. If you'd like to use ours, you can find a dental claim form on the Forms page.

How much time do I have to submit a claim?

You or your provider should send us claims within the time frame specified in your certificate of coverage, which is usually 90 days. You can access your certificate through your employer or through the Dental member portal.

I want to allow another person to talk to you about my dental claims. Can I do that?

Yes, if you'd like to authorize us to release your dental insurance claim information to another person, you can complete and mail (or fax) us an Authorization to Release Health-Related Information form, which you can download from the Forms page.

The Privacy Rule under the Health Insurance Policy and Accountability Act of 1996 provides you with certain rights. It also states our responsibilities, as your dental insurance provider, to protect the dental health information we maintain about you.

For details about your rights under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, including how to act on these rights, please review the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices.

What dental procedures are covered?

Your certificate of coverage has a list of covered procedure codes and frequencies. Ask your employer for a copy or log in to our member portal to view copies online. For other questions, please contact us.

What is a pretreatment estimate? Do I need one?

A pretreatment estimate is a form your dentist submits before starting treatment. It tells us about upcoming services and helps us let you and your dentist know what your plan covers and the amount you'll be responsible for. We don't require a pretreatment plan for any service, but we recommend one for any service you consider expensive.

How are orthodontic benefits paid?

If your plan covers orthodontic treatment, we typically make the first payment three months after the bands are placed on the teeth. We'll send quarterly payments after that. Ask your employer for a copy of your certificate of coverage or view a copy on our member portal for more details.

More questions? Please contact us.

Can I replace a tooth that was extracted before I enrolled in my dental plan?

It depends on the plan you're enrolled in. Your certificate of coverage provides details about whether your plan covers prior extractions. If it does, the certificate will also provide a timeframe for replacing the missing tooth. Look for this information in the section labeled Limitations. Ask your employer for a copy of your certificate of coverage or view a copy in our member portal.

More questions? Please contact us.

I think a dental service should be covered, but it was denied. What should I do?

You can file an appeal or grievance. Ask your employer for a copy of your certificate of coverage or view a copy on the member portal. Look for the section named Grievance and Appeal Procedure, which is specific to the state your employer is in. Follow the instructions to send us the needed information.

Reach out to us with questions about the process or to check the status of your appeal or grievance.

How much will my dental procedures cost?

You can estimate both in-network and out-of-network costs through the Dental section of our member portal. We also have an out-of-network estimator.

Need Assistance?

If you have questions about your claim or your coverage, please contact us.
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