Saving for Retirement

Calculating finances
This calculator can quickly help you estimate if you're on target with your retirement income savings.
Life Stage 36-50
You’re balancing a range of financial priorities. Planning for retirement should be high on the list. To help you focus, we’ve listed a few common obstacles faced by many people in your age group. You’ll also find some basic actions you can take to start — or stay — on the road to saving.
Buying a latte
Welcome to the Latte Habit: A story about how little things can add up over time.
Wealth and health thumbnail
Are you considering health care as you plan for retirement? Keep in mind we're living longer and could face more health challenges during retirement. These guidelines can help you plan for future health-related expenses.
Financial Health Checkup
A good financial health checkup should include an examination of your debt. Want to diagnose your debt and make saving for the future easier? This topic includes a worksheet that can help. Or, watch the video.
Find money to save.
Creating a budget can be an important tool to help you save. Get started now and learn how to create a budget.
Saving for tomorrow
Do you know how much you'll need in retirement? Social Security will probably replace only 40 percent of your pre-retirement income. Saving for Tomorrow offers savings mileposts and offers a helpful worksheet to help you figure out how much you should save.
Two young women
Some retirement challenges, such as longer life spans and historically lower earnings, are especially common for women. This guide can help you overcome these challenges and save enough to live securely in retirement.
Young couple planning finances
How much will you need in retirement? When you retire, you should generally plan on replacing about 80 percent or more of your pre-retirement income. Are you on track?
Savings jar
One percent may not sound like a lot, but when you’re talking about dollars and sense, 1 percent can make a big difference over time.