Group Short Term Disability

Weekly Income Replacement For Employees

Chances are you may already own home, auto and life insurance to protect yourself against the threat of loss. And you probably have health insurance to guard against costly medical bills.

But what steps have you taken to help shield yourself and those who count on you from an unexpected loss of income? Would you be able to pay the bills if you became disabled and unable to work … even for a short amount of time?

Your employer may provide an excellent opportunity for you to help protect your income by offering Group Short Term Disability (STD) insurance from The Standard. STD insurance is designed to pay a benefit for a period of time in the event you cannot work because of a covered illness, injury, pregnancy or mental disorder. This benefit replaces a portion of your weekly income, helping you to meet your financial commitments just when you may need it most.

Take The Next Step: Enroll

Depending on your employer's benefits, you may need to complete an application to become insured. Ask your employee benefits manager whether Group Short Term Disability insurance is available and how to enroll.