Travel Assistance

Help Is Just a Phone Call Away

The Standard includes Travel Assistance with all of our Group Life insurance policies.

This value-added benefit provides an additional sense of security for you and your eligible family members any time you travel more than 100 miles from home or international travel for trips up to 180 days.

A single phone call provides access to a full range of medical, legal and trip assistance services.

Wherever your travels may take you, Travel Assistance provides security 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Key Services of Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance offers aid before and during your trip, including:


Passport, visa, weather and currency exchange information, health hazards advice and inoculation requirements


Emergency ticket, credit card and passport replacement, funds transfer and missing baggage


24/7/365 phone access to registered nurses for health and medication information, symptom decision support, and help understanding treatment options


Emergency evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility and medically necessary repatriation to the employee's home, including repatriation of remains 1

Connection to medical care providers, interpreter services, a local attorney, consular office or bail bond services


Return travel companion if travel is disrupted due to emergency transportation services2 or return dependent children if left unattended due to prolonged hospitalization


Logistical arrangements for ground transportation, housing and/or evacuation in the event of political unrest and social instability


You will always travel securely with Travel Assistance.


1 Must be arranged by UnitedHealthcare Global. Related medical services, medical supplies and a medical escort are covered where applicable and necessary.

2 Not available to Oregon residents.