Estimate Disability Insurance Needs

Every family has unique circumstances that can make it difficult to estimate their insurance needs. Take a few minutes to estimate the amount of income you may need to replace if you become unable to work because of a disability.

Step 1: Monthly Income

Monthly take-home income 
Other available income 
Total income: 

Step 2: Monthly Household Expenses

Mortgage or rent 
Food and supplies 
Total debt payments 
Water and sewage 
Home maintenance fees 
Total Utilities:
Total Household Expenses:

Step 3: Monthly Living Expenses

Childcare and education 
Savings and investments 
Personal expenses 
Total Living Expenses:

Income Your Family May Need If You Become Disabled

Average monthly expenses:
Family's monthly income if you become disabled: 
Income your family would need to replace: 
Percentage of your income 


Monthly Income

The amount of income you regularly take home every month after taxes and deductions.

Other Available Income

Includes any other monthly income your household regularly receives, such as investment income, rental income, etc.

Mortgage or Rent

The total amount you spend on mortgage or rent every month.

Food and Supplies

The total amount your household spends on food and supplies every month.

Debt Payments

The average monthly amount spent on all debts (other than
mortgage), such as credit card debt, and student or auto loans.


The average monthly amount your family spends on all household utilities and other services


The amount you family pays each month for insurance,
including auto, home, health, etc.


The amount your family usually pays out of pocket for medication and medical visits each month.

Childcare and Education

Total monthly amount needed for all family members.

Savings and Investments

The total amount of take-home pay you and your spouse or
partner save and invest each month.

Personal Expenses

The amount your family spends each month on personal items, clothing, entertainment, transportation, etc.


Add up all other recurring expenses your family spends each month, including any monthly subscriptions or services.

Percentage of your income

This is our estimate for the minimum amount of take-home income you should consider protecting in case you become disabled.