Group Accident

What Is Accident Insurance?

Accident insurance can help keep your finances on track when an accident happens. Your medical insurance will cover some of the expenses, but you'll be left to foot the bills for your copays and deductible. Those can add up fast, especially if you're unable to work while you recover. That's where Group Accident insurance comes in: It helps protect your bank account from the out-of-pocket expenses that can come with an injury — whether you're coping with a broken arm or recovering from a serious car accident.

Don't Let an Accident Stop Your Financial Plans

Accident insurance is an affordable way to help cover the gap between what your health insurance covers and what you'd owe out of pocket if you or a family member were to get injured. It's protection that's also convenient.

How Does Accident Insurance Work?

In the event of a covered accident, your Accident insurance will pay a benefit directly to you. You can use this money wherever you need it most — whether that's to help with your deductible, copay and other medical bills, or your daily expenses while you recover.