Save & Invest for Retirement

Whatever stage you’re at, we can help you take the next step. Whether you are just getting started saving for retirement. Feel unsure about whether you’re saving enough. Or want help planning and managing your investments.

$42,797 isn’t enough to retire on.

But that’s the average amount a 50-year-old American has in savings.

Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute, Sept. 22, 2017

Taking charge of your retirement savings can be easier than you think.

Especially when you take advantage of benefits your employer offers. Check out these ideas on how to get started, overcome challenges and manage your investments.

Retirement Basics: Getting Started

Watch How Tax-Deferred Savings Can Help  
Your plan's tax advantages can give your money the potential to grow faster than taxed accounts.

Starting Early Can Pay Off  
The sooner you start, the easier it will be to save for retirement. There's no substitute for time.

Guidance for Each Stage of Life
What’s your biggest savings challenge? Get ideas on overcoming obstacles at any age.

How Much Will You Need in Retirement?  
How much will you need in retirement? Learn how much income you should plan on replacing. Are you on track?


Retirement Planning Tips and Checklists

When It Comes to Retirement, a Dream Isn’t a Plan  
Some people spend more time planning their vacations than their retirement. This article offers 13 steps to help create your own roadmap.

The Secret to Financial Security? Have a Plan  
Having a financial plan can help you feel more secure. This article shows you how to get started.

Retirement Savings Checklist: 15 Things to Know That Can Lead to Success  
Do you like checklists? Check out this one to help you succeed in reaching your goals.

Only 49% of employees are confident they’ll be able to retire when they want to.

Source: Employee Financial Wellness Survey, PwCIL, LLC, 2017

Plan for Financial Security

With 70% of employees either very or extremely concerned with having enough money for retirement, getting ready to retire is truly important.

Source: Research conducted by The Standard in 2017

Retirement calculator

How Much Is Enough?

Use this calculator to estimate how much money you’ll need in retirement.

Planning tools

Your Roadmap to Retirement

Explore calculators, get tips on financial planning, learn about investing and more.

Estimate retirement needs

How Does Saving for Retirement Affect Your Paycheck?

When you save to a retirement account before taxes, the net effect on your paycheck may be less than you think. And your savings can grow tax-free until you withdraw the funds. 

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If your employer offers a retirement plan from The Standard, the first step is to enroll. Then log in regularly to check your progress. If you don’t have a retirement plan — or want to save more — consider an annuity. An annuity can offer a combination of safety, tax deferral and choice as you save for retirement.

Make online enrollment easier

Enroll in My Retirement Plan

Start enjoying all the benefits that your employer’s plan offers. Choose how much you want to save, and how to invest those savings.

Annuities offer a secure way to build your nest egg.

Explore Annuities

Annuities offer a secure way to build your nest egg. You can use them to save for retirement or to ensure your money lasts the rest of your life.