Frequently Asked Questions About Filing a Disability Claim

Report a claim as soon as you believe your disability may extend beyond the benefit waiting period as outlined in your group insurance policy. Report a claim up to four weeks in advance of a planned disability, such as childbirth or a scheduled surgery.
Short Term Disability

For most Short Term Disability plans, benefit payments are paid for the previous week on a weekly basis. Checks are generally mailed on Wednesday of each week. Benefit payments for a claim that is approved for a date in the past will be mailed immediately following the claim’s approval.

If your employer has an Advice to Pay plan, benefits will be paid from your employer through your normal payroll cycle. Your employer’s benefits administrator can explain the type of plan you have and specifically how your benefits will be paid.

Long Term Disability 

Long Term Disability benefit payments are paid for the previous month on a monthly basis. Benefit payments for a claim that is approved for a date in the past will be mailed immediately following the claim's approval.

You may receive your benefit payments by mail or electronic funds transfer (EFT) to your bank account.

We request only information that is pertinent to your disability claim including, but not limited to, salary, start date, cease-work date, sick leave and general employment information.
We will request all medical information that will help us fully understand the nature of your claim.
Some forms of income are considered “deductible income” under your group policy, meaning they can reduce the amount you receive in benefits. Your group policy contains a complete list of all sources of income that would be considered deductible from your disability benefit. Some forms may include, but are not limited to, sick leave, salary continuation, workers' compensation, state disability, Social Security and retirement benefits.
Every piece of information about you and your claim is confidential. We do not discuss your claim with anyone other than you unless you give us written authorization to do so.
Benefits from employer-paid coverage are generally taxable, while benefits from disability coverage paid for by the insured are generally tax free. If you have questions regarding the taxability of your benefits, please consult a financial advisor.
When you’re considering returning to work, contact your benefits examiner at The Standard. We will help answer your questions and identify documentation you may need to ensure your claim is administered correctly.