COVID-19 Questions About Retirement Plans

Updated April 8, 2020

For Employees
It’s understandable to feel unsettled during these uncertain times. These tips for surviving market swings during COVID-19 virus uncertainty can help.
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If your employer has opted into the Act’s optional provisions, when you log into your account on Personal Savings Center, you can access forms to request distributions or loans (if your plan permits) based on a COVID-19 need.


For Employers
You can share this email with your employees. It includes links to materials explaining market swings and how to stay the course for retirement planning.
Yes, though your type of retirement plan and other circumstances may affect how or if it’s done. Your service representative at The Standard can give you more details.
If your plan will adopt the CARES Act, your employees will see a message on Personal Savings Center giving them access to information and forms where they can request COVID-19 distributions or loans (if your plan offers them) based on the provisions of the Act.