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At The Standard, caring about people is a core value reflected in our commitment to the communities across the United States where our employees live and work. From donating millions of dollars annually to volunteering thousands of hours each year with schools, food banks and other organizations, The Standard and our employees make a real difference in the communities we call home.

We provide corporate philanthropic support to nonprofit organizations working in the following four areas:

Healthy Communities: Strong, vibrant communities are a critical source of security for all residents. We fund organizations that provide support, training and rehabilitation to individuals and families facing significant challenges. We also fund programs that help individuals and families develop capabilities to increase self-sufficiency.

Disability and Empowerment: Our business is about helping people overcome hardships and empowering success. We support organizations that help people with disabilities thrive independently and overcome barriers to social and economic success, and also by providing relief during transitions to independent living.

Cultural Development: Arts and cultural organizations play a major role in vibrant communities. We support organizations that offer multicultural art programs and provide enhanced access for the under-served. Specifically, we encourage programs that build audiences and promote the arts through education, interactive media and artistic excellence.

Education and Advancement: The future health and well-being of our communities is in the hands of children, who are the workers, innovators, leaders and artists of the future. We fund organizations that foster strategic learning initiatives to better prepare children for success. We emphasize programs that strengthen the quality of education, early childhood education and workforce development.

See Apply For Funds for eligibility, guidelines and funding cycles.


In 2006, we celebrated our 100th anniversary, and to mark the occasion — and properly honor our rich legacy — we launched The Standard Charitable Foundation.

It is the mission of The Standard Charitable Foundation to make a positive difference in the communities we serve by supporting community development, education and disability organizations. While The Foundation has a broad goal of making a positive difference in our communities, we place special emphasis on helping individuals and families who have experienced a major disability or the loss of a loved one. This goal aligns with The Standard's purpose of helping people achieve financial well-being and peace of mind.

The Standard Charitable Foundation accepts requests any time during the year. Initial donation requests through the online portal are required prior to being invited to submit a formal grant application.

See Apply For Funds for eligibility, guidelines and funding cycles.


Funding Guidelines For The Standard's Corporate Giving Program And Charitable Foundation

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Because The Standard receives far more requests each year than it can fund, these guidelines help us make thoughtful decisions and ensure our Public Affairs team uses company resources to the best possible advantage. Before submitting a giving request, please review these guidelines carefully.

Eligible requests are reviewed throughout the year. Decisions are based on the availability of funds, relevance to funding focus areas and geography. While priority is given to organizations that serve areas where The Standard's employees live and work, funding requests for organizations serving other communities are also considered. Organizations in which employees of The Standard serve on the board or volunteer receive special consideration.

Funding Basics

  • Qualified organizations may receive funding from either The Standard's Corporate Giving program or The Standard Charitable Foundation.
  • All requests for funding must be submitted through our online portal.
  • To be eligible for funding, an organization must be a charitable, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization as determined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.


To ensure greater impact in our communities, we will not consider philanthropic funding requests for:

  • Athletic, labor or fraternal groups
  • Support for programs or organizations solely benefitting individuals outside the United States
  • Individuals, for any purpose
  • Organizations that discriminate or exclude from services on the basis of creed, color, sex, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, political affiliation, age, national origin or veteran status
  • Contributions to or memberships in chambers of commerce, service clubs, taxpayer associations and other similar bodies
  • Establishment or support of endowments, annual appeal, debt retirement or operational deficits
  • "Pass through" organizations or private foundations
  • Bands and choirs (including equipment and uniforms)
  • Requests to support travel
  • Organizations that influence, promote or attempt to initiate legislation or support political candidates or political philosophies

In addition to above restrictions, The Standard Charitable Foundation will not consider funding requests for:

  • Political groups
  • Advertising or sponsorship
  • Fundraising events (such as dinners, conferences and walkathons)
  • Any activities or organizations for which support would violate IRS regulations for private foundations
  • Groups or organizations that will re-grant the Foundation's gifts to other organizations or individuals
  • Generating operating support to hospitals and health care institutions
  • Private K-16 schools


  Corporate Giving Program The Standard Charitable Foundation
Funding Stats
Range Of Support $500 to $25,000 $5,000 to $25,000
Average Gift $3,000 $10,000
Deadlines None. Decisions occur on a year-round basis.
Types Of Support
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Exhibitions
  • Performance/Productions
  • General Operating Support
  • Program Support
  • Capital Support
  • General/Operating Support
  • Program Support
  • Capital Support
Focus Areas
  • Healthy Communities
  • Disability and Empowerment
  • Education and Advancement
  • Cultural Development
  • See complete description of focus areas on the Giving tab.
  • Healthy Communities
  • Disability and Empowerment
  • Education and Advancement
  • See complete description of focus areas on the Giving tab.
Geography Priority is given to organizations that serve areas where The Standard's employees live and work.
Applying For Funds
Submitting Your Request All requests must be submitted through our online portal using either the Donation or Sponsorship request form. All requests must be submitted through our online portal using the Donation request form. All requests for general operating, program and capital support are considered for a Foundation grant.
Selecting The Correct Giving Program The online tool does the work for you. If you seek funding for general operating, program or capital support, simply submit a request for that type of grant. Your request will be considered for both Corporate funding and the next step in the Foundation's application process.
Timing Decisions will be delivered via email within four weeks of receipt.
Approval If either your Donation or Sponsorship request is approved, you will be asked to sign back in to the system to complete additional information about your funded request. If your initial Donation request is approved, you will be invited to sign back in to the system and formally apply to The Standard Charitable Foundation.


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