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Senior Behavioral Health Case Manager

Jeff Guardalabene

Jeff Guardalabene

Dr. Jeff Guardalabene is driven by understanding people's stories and backgrounds. Prior to receiving his doctorate in clinical psychology, Jeff worked for 13 years as a producer for public television developing national stories for programs, including NOVA, FRONTLINE and the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour.

Jeff's interest in interacting with people and unraveling case-file puzzles fuels his enthusiasm as a mental health case manager. In his role, Jeff connects with employees who are out on a disability claim to help them overcome their obstacles and return to work. In addition, he consults with nurses, vocational staff, doctors and analysts to help them understand an employee's medical records and behavioral health diagnoses.

Jeff has held numerous roles in the behavioral health field; he has worked as a consultant for a disability assessment organization, staff psychologist in a college counseling center, teaching doctoral-level classes at two universities, and as a psychologist in private practice. He received his Bachelor of Psychology from Portland State University, and his master's and doctorate in clinical psychology from Pacific University's School of Professional Psychology.

Posts by Jeff Guardalabene

The hope is that increased awareness of the issues involved when an employee struggles with substance abuse will increase the chances that he or she can receive treatment and successfully return to their job and a healthy, more fulfilling life.
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