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When Change Is Good

Healthy environments contribute to strong, vibrant communities. That vision guides our sustainability practices.


We’ve upgraded company-owned facilities to include measures that reduce electrical, heating and cooling demands. The Standard Plaza in downtown Portland is Energy Star-rated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Its high-energy efficiency reduces annual electricity consumption by nearly 500,000 kilowatt hours. In 2009, two of our Oregon headquarters facilities were awarded LEED Gold status.


We purchase renewable clean wind energy to power our home office buildings in Portland and at our nearby campus in Hillsboro, Oregon. Computers, monitors and printers are set to sleep after inactivity, and linear lighting in offices uses motion sensor technology and high-efficiency LED bulbs.


Centralized printers using paper with 100% recycled content are the default on all floors in home office buildings. These replaced deskside printers, decreasing both electricity usage and the total volume of printing. Print volumes have decreased over the past several years, driven initially by digitization of work processes. We experienced an even sharper decline as most employees moved to working remotely.


Our employees learn how to recycle confidential information securely. We donate or recycle unused or outdated electronic devices. Additionally, there are centralized recycling bins on each floor in our buildings to help ensure glass, plastics and non-confidential paper stays out of the landfill.

Active Transportation

Before the pandemic, 60% of our workforce walked, biked, carpooled or used public transit to get to work. Subsidies and reimbursement programs still help to power that environmental initiative.

Our home office features electric vehicle charging stations. Other locations offer secure bike parking shelters with locker rooms and shower facilities.

Today, most of us work from home, reducing our carbon footprint even further.
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