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The Standard's Stable Value Funds

For retirement plan investors seeking investment security with growth, The Standard’s conservative, risk-controlled approach guarantees principal and interest.

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100-Year History of Strength and Stability

Our legacy of financial strength and stability is reflected in a solid capital position and favorable financial strength ratings, including an A+ from Standard & Poor’s (5th of 20). 

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Flexible Rate Options With Guaranteed Floor

Our competitive products and rates are designed to meet varying plan needs. Rates are declared in advance, guaranteed and locked in for the calendar quarter. Contractually, they will never fall below 1%. 

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Daily Liquidity for Investors

Regardless of market conditions, plan participants may always withdraw or transfer their principal and interest at book value.

What Makes Us Different
Available to 401(k), 403(b), 401(a), 457(b), 457(f), 409A, cash balance, defined benefit, HSA/HRA plans and force-out IRAs
Portfolio rate structure (no teaser or new issue rates)
No investment minimums
Multiple plan-level discontinuance provisions
Diversified, high-quality portfolio of fixed income securities and commercial mortgages
Fully portable to other recordkeeping platforms
Dedicated team of consultants with deep stable value expertise

Learn More About Stable Value Funds

Stable Value 101

From crediting rates to exit provisions, we cover the basics of stable value fund investing in a format you can share with clients.

How to Evaluate Stable Value Options

How safe is the stable value fund you recommend? Is it meeting its objectives? Ask the right questions to manage fiduciary risk.

Common Questions About Our Stable Value Funds

Looking for more detail on stable value funds from The Standard? See our responses to questions from advisors and plan sponsors. 

Why Choose an Insurance Provider for Stable Value Funds?

Insurance providers manage about half of the industry’s stable value assets. Stable value products from an insurance company like The Standard are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the insurance company. Insurance companies are highly regulated and required to have substantial capital to support their guarantee to investors.

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More Than $850B in the Stable Value Marketplace

Stable Value Fund Pie Chart

  Individually managed funds

  Pooled funds

  Insurance company general and separate accounts

Source: SVIA Quarterly Characteristics Survey for 1Q2020

Ask Us About Selling Stable Value Funds

Our consultants have deep expertise in the stable value marketplace and are available to answer your questions.