Plan Consulting

Relationship Managers

Our local relationship managers can either work directly with your clients or support you in doing so.

Support includes:

  • Ongoing review of the retirement plan's operations
  • Regular communications highlighting issues of importance to the plan
  • Periodic evaluations of the plan's success in meeting its goals
  • Recommendations for enhancements or changes to the plan and its operations

Retirement Plan Consultants

Our local retirement plan consultants are able to assist you and your clients with plan design issues, plan conversion and more. They can also work with our other support teams to answer questions and map out solutions for the plan.

Account Managers

The account manager is the single point of contact for administration issues and the keeper of plan records. They work with employers to reduce administrative burden and to ensure the plan is complying with annual testing and compliance requirements.

RetireReady Tracker

The Standard's RetireReady Tracker is a customized plan-level reporting tool that advisors can use to consult with employers about how well their workforce is saving for retirement. The report uses actual census data to estimate employees' income replacement ratios at retirement, giving both you and your clients insight into the effectiveness of the plan.