Participant Services

With The Standard, you have the choice between delivering enrollment and hosting ongoing education meetings or delegating those responsibilities to us. Additionally, you have the choice of offering our Mainspring Managed, full-service account services.

We'll provide the enrollment books and forms, online planning tools and a robust call center.

Enrollment And Ongoing Education

Enrollment Meetings

Our consultants can work with you and the employer to develop an effective enrollment campaign.

You can choose to:

We provide:

  • Enrollment materials, including enrollment booklets that incorporate principles of behavioral finance

Ongoing Education

With our Retirement On The Brain education seminars, we can provide your choice of:

  • On-site education meetings, conducted by our licensed consultants
  • Seminar materials for you to present

Account Management And Automation

Mainspring Managed Service

To align with you services and accommodate participants' varying levels of knowledge and experience, The Standard can offer up to three account management options:

  • Mainspring Managed (full-service) 
  • Guided (we guide you through)
  • Independent (self-service)

Mainspring Managed is an affordable, personalized service that helps participants be well-prepared for retirement and achieve their retirement income goals.

Participants can talk by phone with a licensed investment advisor representative in the Advisory Service Center to review and adjust their risk tolerance, update their plan based on life events or changing circumstances, and review the management options taken on their behalf.

StanCorp Investment Advisers, Inc., assumes ERISA 3(38) fiduciary responsibility on investments for participants who select this option.

Services We Provide

Regardless of the services you delegate to The Standard, we always provide participants with the following:

Online Tools

Personal Savings Center

Participants can log in to access Personal Savings Center at any time to view and manage their retirement accounts.

This service also includes an interactive Retirement Planner that can help them select an investment portfolio, as well as a tool to help them model and initiate a loan request.

Quarterly Account Statements

We deliver quarterly statements that provide participants with critical information at a glance.

Contact Center

Our representatives are committed to giving participants quick and responsive service and can complete transactions on their behalf.