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At The Standard, regular check-ins with retirement plan advisors are a way to provide client and practice management support and resources. During the month of May, each virtual lunch meeting between The Standard and a retirement plan advisor will deliver an extra benefit: a $25 donation to Feeding America.

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A cash balance plan can be a helpful tool for business owners to significantly increase their retirement savings and generate large tax deductions for their businesses. When considering a cash balance plan, ask these questions.
Administrative work
Your clients look to you to help ensure they fulfill their fiduciary obligations, including their ERISA mandated administrative duties. When evaluating providers that serve these needs, make sure to look for these qualities.
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The administrative services offered by retirement plan providers can vary widely. Identify the support your client needs by asking these five questions.
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Employers may not realize all the ways a plan advisor can offer value. You can make yourself stand out with a deep understanding of day-to-day plan responsibilities and tangible solutions for saving employers time and money.