For Big Results, Focus on Small Plans

January 3, 2022

The market for micro plans is growing, thanks to laws creating more access to retirement plans and the potential for government mandates for small employers.

Don’t let the micro plan movement pass you by. Talk to your small-plan clients about Accelerate, our 401(k) solution for plans under $2 million in assets.

Here are three insights about Accelerate that can help your business in 2022:

1. Strong partnerships offer big growth opportunities.

We're delivering high quality plan administration exclusively in partnership with third-party administrators. And this collaboration can help you grow your business.

When you choose to partner with a TPA and a recordkeeper like The Standard, both you and your clients benefit. They can experience a more efficient and even higher level of service. And you can take the credit for delivering an excellent local service experience.

Remember, TPAs can help you uncover new business opportunities through referrals. They can also provide deep technical support, which can give you more time to focus on your business. Read “Why Team Up With a TPA?” for more about this valuable partnership.

2. We combine technology and personalized service to make your job easier.

We know advisors want more online tools to manage their accounts. Our research shows that 45% of advisors say technology is the most valued characteristic of a recordkeeper.

We’ve designed Accelerate's self-service portal with that in mind. It lets you get a quote, set up a plan and start the onboarding process – whenever it’s convenient for you. Advisors and TPAs can collaborate or work independently to set up a plan.

Like all of our plans, Accelerate is backed by our deep expertise in retirement plans and our laser focus on accurate plan data. Your clients might also like to know that we're consistently recognized for our best-in-class service.

3. Small plans can become large plans – with fewer hassles.

Accelerate is designed to help you generate more small-plan business. It's an easy way to give small-plan clients a large-plan experience.

And when small plans grow into large plans, our platform seamlessly supports that growth. Plan sponsors can stay on the same platform as their plans gain assets and participants.

The new year is the perfect time to introduce your clients to Accelerate and discover new business opportunities.

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