AD&D Occupational Assistance

Serious Accidents Call for Extra Help

Most people avoid thinking about dismemberment ā€” the other ā€œDā€ in AD&D. But for employees who survive a serious accident, the loss of a hand, foot, sight or more can also mean the loss of their ability to return to work.

The Standard offers a unique way to help employees return to productive lives: AD&D Occupational Assistance. This service is now included with our Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance, either sold with our Life insurance or on its own.

Eligible employees* will have access to services provided by our Workplace PossibilitiesSM consultants. The goal is to help employees return to work with their organizations. If that's not possible, we'll help with the transition to a new job.

How AD&D Occupational Assistance Works

AD&D Occupational Assistance can cover up to $10,000 of approved expenses. Services may include the consultant's time, vocational assistance, ergonomic equipment and workplace accommodations.

  • Workplace Possibilities consultant helps employee develop a return-to-work plan.
  • Consultant can coordinate, purchase and install accommodations and equipment.
  • Alternate path: If needed, consultant can identify jobs, find training and support job placement.

Find Out More

To learn more about AD&D Occupational Assistance, contact the employee benefits sales and service office for your area at 800.633.8575.


* Eligibility Details: Employees are eligible if they experience a loss of a hand, foot, eyesight, speech, hearing in both ears, thumb and index finger on the same hand or any combination of these dismemberments due to an accident. They are also eligible due to paralysis of one or more limbs due to an accident.