IDI Marketing Resources Toolkits

We’ve grouped resources to provide information and marketing materials by subject. Use these toolkits to get details and guide your client conversations.

Two women in an office

Underwriting Toolkit

Find underwriting requirements, guides to help you understand the underwriting process and set expectations, and more.

A man at his laptop

Application Toolkit

Find resources to get started, use TeleApps and deliver policies. Increase option application information included.

A woman on her cell phone

In-Force/Service Needs Toolkit

Find general information about products, new business and in-force policy questions, and The Standard’s guidelines for using our logo.

A male doctor

Physicians Toolkit

Learn about key IDI benefits for physicians, plus tools to discuss income protection with this target market.

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Business Owners Toolkit

Use these resources to showcase The Standard’s products for business owners.

Two attorneys talking

Attorneys Toolkit

Use these resources to discuss income protection with attorneys.

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Residual Riders Toolkit

Get the details on 3 choices of residual coverage as well as tips for your client discussions.

A mother with child lying on grass

Family Care Benefit Toolkit

Use these resources to share the value of Platinum Advantage’s Family Care Benefit with your clients.

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Benefit Increase Rider Toolkit

Get the details on the Benefit Increase Rider that lets Platinum Advantage policyowners increase coverage to keep pace with income growth.