You may have noticed that illustrations do not automatically include a Residual Disability Rider. Technically, a Residual Disability Rider is optional. However, we recommend adding one to all Platinum Advantage policies as a best practice. Here’s why.

Do your producers have questions about the claim process? After speaking with a claim specialist by calling 800.628.9797, the policyowner will be sent a claim packet. The policyowner will then complete and submit the claim packet, which includes the Insured's Statement, Attending Physician's Statement and Authorization to Obtain Information form.

May through October is the peak season for FPO increases. We have enhanced our processes and dedicated more staff to increase applications to help accelerate the underwriting process. Here are some steps you can take to help shorten the time to underwriting decision.
We conducted a pilot project to test requesting underwriting questionnaires and authorizations directly from applicants through the secure system of DocuSign. Due to the overwhelming success of the pilot, this practice will expand to all agencies throughout the year.
The Enhanced Residual Disability Rider available with Platinum Advantage may be crucial for highly specialized professionals or some business owners due to specific features. However, many applicants may find the Basic Residual Disability Rider provides the residual coverage they need, but at lower premium rates.
If you have downloaded a copy of the illustration software’s console version for generating illustrations off-line, please be sure to download the most recent version.
It’s time to look at income protection from The Standard in a whole new light. We built a high degree of flexibility into Platinum Advantage to make it attractive to a broader range of clients. Now’s the time to offer the right product at the right price to more clients.