New to Platinum Advantage, the Student Loan Benefit Rider can help a producer provide a spot-on income protection plan that homes in on exactly what a physician or dentist client needs. Help clients choose the monthly benefit amounts and terms that match their obligations.
Effective August 1, applications from medical and dental residents and fellows with military pay-back obligations must be written — and result in a placed policy — at least six months prior to graduation from a civilian ACGME, AOA or CODA-accredited program.
We’ve made several occupation class changes to align The Standard's business products with Platinum Advantage. These changes primarily affect business product applicants in medical occupations. Additionally, neonatologists have been upgraded to 4P for Platinum Advantage, and dental hygienists, as of June 30, will no longer be eligible for any individual disability insurance products from The Standard.
Platinum Advantage GSI launched June 1, 2017! We've designed the income protection product around the precise needs of your clients — and potential clients. At its core, the coverage is as strong as The Standard products you're used to selling.
With the FPO peak season upon us, we are focused on providing FPO quotes and increase policies as fast as possible. To that end, we have optimized our processes to get illustrations completed and increase option applications handled quickly.
We're pleased to announce that collateral assignment of IDI policy benefits may now be requested at time of policy issue. Effective immediately, please use the new Collateral Assignment form with updated terms and conditions to request the assignment of benefits to a third party as loan collateral.
Encourage your producers and advisors to use the TeleApp scheduling point-of-sale service to jumpstart the application and underwriting process. Point-of-sale scheduling can speed up the application process by up to four days!