We're expanding the e-signatures The Standard accepts. We will now accept application forms signed electronically with a stylus pen or finger on a digitized pad or touch screen.
Platinum Advantage GSI launched June 1, 2017 and we’ll move existing GSI plans to Platinum Advantage, effective Jan. 1, 2018.
Platinum Advantage's Benefit Increase Rider allows policyowners to increase their income protection coverage every three years without medical underwriting. But what if they need to increase their coverage sooner?
We strive to provide a consistent customer experience with each in-force case. To that end, we’ve standardized deadlines so that you’ll get the same treatment, no matter whom you’re working with.
Provide expert advice about how Total Disability changes when a client adds an Own Occupation Rider to a Platinum Advantage policy. This article explains exactly when and why a client might need the Own Occupation Rider.
he Standard's web portal — and access to the Illustration Software, Policy Inquiry and Producer Online — will be unavailable all day Saturday and Sunday, August 5 and 6, during scheduled maintenance. If you anticipate needing to use The Standard’s Illustration Software this weekend, please download the console version.
To improve legibility, we’ve changed the font in all Platinum Advantage application forms. Use the new forms to help ensure your applications are readable. You can also help ensure legibility by minimizing the number of times applications are scanned or faxed.